Conditions of Use

Yarn Tree strives to serve retail needlework stores. We require that you have a resale tax license and posted, regular hours that you are open to the public for business. Prices shown are retail. Prices and terms are subject to change without notice.

We encourage you to use anything from our web site to promote cross stitch and needlework. This page is intended to answer some of the common questions. If you have other questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to e-mail Larry Johnson at You can also call me at 800-247-3952.

If possible, please include our business name and/or web page somewhere. Just a small "from Yarn Tree, Ames, Iowa" or "from" is fine.

Using Information On Your Web Site
Naturally you can link to any of our web pages, but you can also copy the page to your web site and make any changes you like. I do not recommend linking to an individual picture in our site; it is better to copy the image to your own site. That way if I move or rename a picture it will not create a broken link on your site.

To copy web images... In Internet Explorer just point the mouse to the picture and click the RIGHT mouse button, select "Save Picture As...", and locate where you want to save the picture.

I would really encourage you to have some beginner instructions on your web site. Copy ours, or make up your own. There are a lot of people who are interested in cross stitch but who need just a little push to get them stitching. Look under 'Free Stuff' on our main page

The Cross Stitch Calculator is fun to use (there are instructions with the calculator on how to add this to your web site).

Printed copies... You are welcome to use anything in our web site for giving classes, mailers, ads, etc. Some of the pages (such as beginner instructions) are available in .pdf format. This format is perfect for printing. You can also 'cut and paste' from web pages into any computer program. This will save a lot of typing.

Web images are low resolution, so they will NOT produce good results for 4-color printing. High resolution images for 4-color printing are available.

We can also provide stores with a simple text file (our item numbers, product description, and suggest retail price) for use in setting up an inventory management program.