SCROLL Rods, Stands, Bars

Fine quality oak Needlework Frames are a joy to use and own. Make your own custom size of scroll frame by purchasing the size of rods and extender bars of your choice. Knobs and extender bars are made of solid oak. Rods are of Yarn Tree's own ingenious invention which have both the webbing and the loop (the Hook & Loop System) so they may be used however you prefer. Sets of rods will make great gifts for your favorite stitcher. It is easy to add more rods and bars to make multiple scroll frames in varying sizes. Stretcher bars (sold as pairs) are used for stitching needlepoint, cross stitch, or embroidery work, as well as for framing. Use the stands to hold your scroll frames, stretcher bars and hoops while stitching. All of the items sold by Yarn Tree are available wholesale to needlework stores. Standard wholesale discounts apply.

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