Hands On Design

Hands On Design is a creative studio for original counted thread designs. There is often a focus on unique finishes that are accompanied by written or picture tutorials. I try for a classic look with just maybe a little modern influence - something that reflects my own personal style. I learned to stitch at a young age & I think it's my background of doodling, sewing (quilting & garments) & a love of vibrant & saturated color that has led me to the cross-stitch design world. I tend to see images & think 'how could I do that in stitches'. I enjoy creating designs that are timeless, but the occasional holiday themed design is a treat as well. My favorite part of this job is working with students in class at a retreat or shop, walking them through the steps to leave class with a finished piece & the confidence to finish future projects. "What I've learned about designing: the thought & inspiration can come from almost anywhere. Sometimes it's a combination of colors, many times its the words, and more than likely, it's the finishing that drives the design process. I like to collaborate with other women in this industry and learn from them in the process. There is always a story behind what I design and there always will be. I want my designs to be an extension of who I am and how I live my life."